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The Case of the Non-Profit Veterans Organization

Non-profit budgets are always tight. After years of fund-raising a Veterans Organization was finally able to purchase a building and renovate it. The challenge was how to accommodate the large number of short-term volunteers who came and went at all hours. The backdoor led from the volunteer work area to the volunteer parking lot. The door to the parking lot was also an exit and life safety egress point for the facility and the code required an exit device. The answer was a pdqSMART heavy exit device trim coupled with a PDQ 6200 series exit device.

The pdqSMART mobile app was user friendly and simple for the volunteers to adopt. The new access system also made it very easy for them to come and go when it fit their schedule. The extra added convenience led to a healthy increase in volunteer hours.

Case Closed. The customer is happy and Rick beefed up his bottom line with business that was unattainable before pdqSMART.

See the many ways Rick uses pdqSMART to solve his customers’ mysteries!

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Businesses run better with pdqSMART

  • Employee smartphones become keys.
  • Audit trails and notifications keep you posted on who comes and goes.
  • Scheduling access and programing is simple and convenient.
  • No big budget, no hard wiring, no servers required.
  • Perfect for retrofits, smart locks use the same prep as existing locks.
  • Quick and easy installations, just plug and play
  • Smart locks are future-proofed, they never become obsolete.