10 Ways to Make Your Property Run Better

10 Ways to Make Your Property Run Better

Turn your tenants’ Smartphones into keys

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People use their phones for practically everything, so why not a key? As a property manager, do you really want to call a locksmith every time a tenant moves away, or worse yet, when they accidentally get locked out?

As manager of Anne Arundel Acres in Kennett Square PA, Molly convinced her ownership group to let her install pdqSMART access control hardware at one of their locations. The tenants love the new locks and the additional control it gives them. They now know when their kids get home safe. They can also give their babysitter access without having a key made. Better yet, the lock keeps track of who enters their apartment and when.

But even beyond the tenant benefits, Molly and the Anne Arundel owners have access to all the entry activities for each and every client opening and can change or allow access instantly from anywhere.

See the many other ways pdqSMART makes Molly a hero to her boss and her tenants!

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Properties run better with pdqSMART

Properties run better with pdqSMART

  • Turn tenant's smartphones into keys.
  • Share access easily with service technicians, and delivery services.
  • Manage building operations, onsite or remotely from a smartphone.
  • Upgrading is easy, smart locks mount in the same holes as existing locks.
  • No big budget, no hard wiring, no IT servers required.
  • Smart locks are future-proofed, so they never become obsolete.
  • Terrific opportunity for RMR.