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Product Highlights

  • The BRIDGE provides communication between the Cloud Portal and the pdqSMART-XLS enabled devices using a variety of networking protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP and MQTT.
  • pdqSMART is a cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises (BRIDGE), and third-party, public cloud services (Microsoft Azure) with orchestration between the two platforms.
  • The pdqSMART BRIDGE gives businesses greater flexibility and more deployment options by allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and requirements change,
  • Cloud computing enables pdqSMART-XLS to deploy an on-premises extension of our cloud solution to host your sensitive and mission critical access control workloads.
  • Microsoft Azure is used to securely manage the entire system and maintain the databases in a redundant manner.
  • The BRIDGE is particularly valuable for dynamic or highly changeable workloads. It provides the capability to push new and changed access credentials, access rules and schedules as well as new users into your facility in a near real time way, wirelessly.
  • The cloud retains all the mission critical daily data locally, this means Internet outages will not affect the operation of your access control system.


  • The BRIDGE can manage and support up to 240 pdqSMART devices. The BRIDGE queries the Cloud Portal Account and maintains an onsite duplicate of Cloud Account locally for system redundancy in the event of service outages.
  • All communications are to be AES 128-bit /Cypher Block Chaining Encrypted.
  • The BRIDGE requires a LAN connection (End User provided) and a cable. Range of devices is typically 65’ in buildings. subject to site orientation, wall construction and hidden obstructions.
  • A 5VDC/1A power supply is required. End User to provide 110v outlet, sufficiently wired, grounded and surge protected.
  • PoE Powered and deployed option available
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