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Product Highlights

Lock and unlock with a smartphone
Access has never been so easy since smartphones have become the new keys. Say good-bye to the hassle and cost of replacing lost keys.

No hard wiring, quick and easy installation, plug and play.

Operate locks your way
Life is about choices and locks should be too. With smartphone, PIN code, smartwatch, smart remote, and key, unlocking is super-easy and convenient.

Scheduling access makes your life easy and convenient
pdqSMART is perfect for scheduling access for regular visitors like the cleaning service, maintenance crew, dog walkers or grocery delivery services. You’ll never have to leave your front door unlocked again.

Easily track who comes and goes
The app displays all activity including detailed information about who’s coming and going, both on your smartphone and on the web portal.

Safe and secure – peace of mind
Safety and security? We’ve got you covered. pdqSMART commercial grade locks combined with AES 128-bit/Cipher Block Chaining encryptions keeps your business protected from hackers and intruders.

Operate remotely
Control access anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Whether you’re in the office or halfway around the world, keep your household or business running smoothly with easy and secure pdqSMART locks.

Programming locks has never been so quick, simple and secure
Gone are the days of programming by pressing a ridiculous number sequence at each lock. With pdqSMART’s secure Bluetooth communications it’s all done through the app, quick as a flash. Plus, everything is backed up in the cloud.

Your lock keeps getting's future-proofed
With over-the-air updates, you’ll never have to worry about locks becoming obsolete. As technology advances, pdqSMART will keep your lock on the leading edge adding new features and capabilities, and it’s all for free.

Push notifications instantly give you feedback on lock activity
Push notifications let you know the kids arrived home safely or who entered the office after hours. Approach the lock and the app pops up, allowing for quick and easy entry.

Perfect for retrofits
It’s quick and easy to upgrade existing mechanical locks to key-free access.


  • Primary residences
  • Airbnb / vacation homes / Vrbo
  • Rental properties
  • Restrooms
  • Offices / co-working spaces
  • Small business
  • Pharmacy
  • Retail
  • Medical / dental clinics
  • Daycare / volunteer centers
  • Fitness centers / gyms
  • Dance studios
  • Warehouses / distribution facilities
  • Manufacturing companies
  • K-12 / higher education / private schools
  • Houses of worship
  • Airports and transit centers
  • Storage closets


  • Credential Types - Operate lock by smartphone, PIN access code, smartwatch, smart remote or key
  • Supported Smartphones – iOS and Android (see website for full list)
  • App - Download app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Users - Accepts up to 100 users
  • Access Levels - 24/7, defined # of events, scheduled access, supports two-factor authentication
  • Audit Trail- 25 events stored locally in app, 1-years worth on the cloud.
  • Reporting - Event filtering and report exporting is standard
  • Notifications – Supports 24 standard push notifications
  • Programming – Managed locally through App (smartphone) or PIN codes via PIN pad
  • Communication Standards – Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2, wireless mesh network
  • Remote Operation – Remote operation capable with locally installed ethernet bridge that connects to the internet
  • Durability – Built on PDQ’s GT Grade 1 lock tested to over 2x BHMA standards
  • Power Source – 4 – AA alkaline batteries
  • Retrofits – Quick and easy, utilizes standard 161 door prep
  • Suitability - Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Cylinders – Available in conventional, IC core, high security, and UL 437
  • Keyways – 22 keyways available including those of other manufacturers
  • Upgradeable - STP can be upgraded to networked access control with addition of Hybrid Cloud Network Device

Lever Designs



Satin Brass - 606 (US4)
Satin Bronze – 612 (US10)
Oil Rubbed Bronze - 613 (US10B)
Flat Black – 622 (US19)
Satin Chromium – 626 (US26D)


  • Chassis – PDQ GT Grade 1 Cylindrical
  • Backset – 2-¾” standard
  • Door Thickness – 1-¾” – 2-¼” thick, preset to 1-¾”
  • Handing – Handed but field reversible
  • Door Prep – Utilizes standard 161 prep
  • Operation – Always locked or can be set to passage mode. Remote unlocking capable with addition of locally installed ethernet bridge
  • Cylinders – Available in conventional, SFIC, Schlage LFIC, High Security and UL 437
  • Keying – 22 keyways available including other manufacturers, contact factory for a complete list
  • Touch Pad – Capacitive touch, back lit, PIN access codes
  • Certifications – UL 20 min, other ratings pending. BHMA Grade 1, tested to 3 million cycles and torque resistant to 2,200 in-lbs. Complies with American Disabilities Act. ADA levers standard
  • Environmental - -31 to 150F (-36 to 66C) weatherized.
  • Warranty – Mechanical lock: 25-year warranty, electronic components: 2-year warranty
Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Lock
Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Lock
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