Smart Locks let you Share Access
Anytime, Anywhere

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The Case of the Lake House Access

Meeting friends and family to give them keys to the lake house has always been a hassle for Betty. She loves that she can share her lovely lake house, but it always ends up being extra trouble because she needs to be at the house to hand out a key. Betty called Rick of Rick’s Security Services to see if there was a better solution.

Rick recommended adding a pdqSMART heavy duty deadbolt with an adjustable backset for the lake house front door. It was available in black to match the other hardware. Rick also suggested adding an ethernet bridge to allow Betty to remotely unlock the house from anywhere for unexpected visitors. Now it’s convenient for Betty to easily share lake house access with friends and family from her couch 125 miles away.

Case Closed. The customer is happy and Rick beefed up his bottom line with business that was unattainable before pdqSMART.

See the many ways Rick uses pdqSMART to solve his customers’ mysteries!

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Businesses run better with pdqSMART

  • Employee smartphones become keys.
  • Audit trails and notifications keep you posted on who comes and goes.
  • Scheduling access and programing is simple and convenient.
  • No big budget, no hard wiring, no servers required.
  • Perfect for retrofits, smart locks use the same prep as existing locks.
  • Quick and easy installations, just plug and play
  • Smart locks are future-proofed, they never become obsolete.