10 Ways to Make Your Property Run Better

10 Ways to Make Your Property Run Better

Smart locks are future-proofed so they never become obsolete

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Technology moves at a breakneck pace and a very big concern about buying smart locks today is that they may not keep up with ongoing tech changes. Molly, Anne Arundel’s property manager, noticed that most of the initial locks she looked at were not capable of being updated. Even though they were called smart locks, they really weren’t all that smart.

Molly’s security partner showed her how pdqSMART XLS locks got their periodic updates. It was so simple -- the administrator’s phone was used to push new enhancements directly to the locks. This way she could make sure all the locks got their updates rather than relying on the tenants to do it. Cyber security is on everyone’s mind, so updates and security patches come as part of the pdqSMART XLS software as a service agreement. This assures Molly that all year long her system will be getting upgrades to keep her system running in top form and protected from hackers and malware.

See the many other ways pdqSMART makes Molly a hero to her boss and her tenants!

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Properties run better with pdqSMART

Properties run better with pdqSMART

  • Turn tenant's smartphones into keys.
  • Share access easily with service technicians, and delivery services.
  • Manage building operations, onsite or remotely from a smartphone.
  • Upgrading is easy, smart locks mount in the same holes as existing locks.
  • No big budget, no hard wiring, no IT servers required.
  • Smart locks are future-proofed, so they never become obsolete.
  • Terrific opportunity for RMR.