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Meet Rick

Rick is a locksmith and owner of Rick’s Security Services. A sharp guy, Rick was an early adopter of pdqSMART after seeing the value of this simple and easy to use system. He can now offer access control to his customers and has the same capabilities as the big guys. Rick’s customers now think of him as an access control detective. And a lot of it has to do with pdqSMART. Here’s why.


Rick’s Security Services has been in the locksmith business a long time and has seen a lot of expensive access control systems come and go, many of which he hasn’t been qualified to sell because he was not an integrator. Rick has also been a fan of PDQ Locks, an American manufacturer of door hardware with headquarters in Pennsylvania. PDQ offers a wide range of rugged locks that do more and cost less than its big-name competitors. So, when they introduced pdqSMART, Rick was an early adopter. He quickly recognized that this new product put him in a whole new category of business opportunities since it now allowed him to participate in access control and compete in a way that the legacy companies couldn’t match. And now, each customer call is an opportunity to sleuth out a problem and solve it with pdqSMART.

Mom uses smart lock to outsmart prankster toddler

Local Library

Laurie, a busy working mom, routinely runs from her office, to client meetings, to quick grocery trips, to daycare. Charlotte, her pesky four-year old, entertains herself by locking mom out between grocery runs from the SUV. Finally, Laurie outsmarted her and called Rick’s Security Service.

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Be a Hero! Save the day with Smart Locks.

Local Library

The local library often shares its community room, but it was becoming increasingly inconvenient to come in after hours to allow entry. A small budget and a beautifully carved 2” thick wooden door added more challenges. So, the librarian called Rick’s Security Service for advice.

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Big access control for small budgets

Volunteer Fire Station

The local volunteer fire station needed to replace their older keypad locks and Chief Bill wanted to upgrade to Bluetooth while retaining pin codes and fobs for volunteers who were less adoptive of mobile technology, plus a host of other advanced features.

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Keep your key system with Smart Locks

School District

Raul, the school district maintenance supervisor, needed to provide access for vendors at the bus maintenance facility, but the school IT department said it would cost thousands of dollars to update their existing access control system. Raul needed a simple, cost effective solution.

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Replace old locks with Smart locks. No modifications required.

Historical Charm

A real-estate office located in an historical building considered itself a modern operation with historical charms. But re-keying their doors was a hassle, as they were always buying new keys to give staff access to their office. The Broker was convinced there was a better way.

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Keyless entry makes access convenient

Volunteer Center

Non-profit budgets are always tight. After years of fund-raising, a Veterans Organization was finally able to purchase a building and renovate it. Now they needed a way to manage the entrances and keep track of all the short-term volunteers coming and going at all hours.

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Access control audit trail increases efficiency and reduces costs

Daycare Center

The daycare center had a reoccurring problem of parents showing up late to pick up their kids. The staff needed to find a way to reduce late pick-ups to avoid paying overtime. The director heard about pdqSMART and wondered if it could help.

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Adding smart lock flexibility at an affordable price

Fitness Center

Samantha owns a fitness center with around 150 members who come and go 24 hours a day. Her front door is operated by an electric strike and a 15-year old keypad. The device works okay but Samantha is frustrated with its lack of flexibility and function. She really wants access control that accommodates her face-paced lifestyle.

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Practical and Affordable Access Control

Co-working Office Space

The manager at a co-working space needed a better access control solution. He was paying $5.00 each to make brass keys for 50 offices. Plus, the risk of a single lost key required him to re-key the entire building every time.

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Real-time Access Control puts You in Charge

Mortgage Broker

A mortgage company recently had an issue after terminating a salesperson who was upset over his termination and returned 15 minutes later to voice his opinion. Things quickly escalated and everyone became very uncomfortable with the situation.

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Add Access Control without Breaking the Bank

Flooring Wholesaler

Rick’s customer, the owner of a wholesale business, needed a way to allow employee access on weekends when no managers were on site. A pdqSMART solution eliminated the need to hand out 45+ brass keys and then risk the need to rekey them all if one went missing.

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Smart Locks let you Share Access Anytime, Anywhere

Lake House Access

Betty owns a lovely lake house 125 miles from her residence and she loves to share it with family and friends, but it always ends up being a hassle to meet her guests to hand out a key.

Rick’s Security offered the perfect solution.

Smart Locks let you Work Smarter, Not Harder

After Hours Delivery

Every morning John gets up at 3:30 am to meet the 4 am bread delivery at his deli. This creates a major interruption to his sleep pattern, on top of already working a lot of hours. So, John called his local security specialist for ideas.

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Affordable Access Control Provides Peace of Mind


Mike, a small warehousing facility owner, was experiencing security issues with his break room doors. Employees would often go outside during breaks to have a smoke, propping the door open to get back in. This was not a problem until an unauthorized visitor walked in.

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Smart Locks Save Time While Adding Convenience and Security

Fast Food

Fran, the manager of a fast food restaurant, needed better control over the restroom door but wanted to keep it easy for customers. The existing keypad used a code that everyone seemed to know, requiring Fran to frequently take time away from work to change the code, then communicate it to all her staff.

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Retrofit Old Locks with Smart Locks


Bill needed to add access control to his business’ main entry; however, the building owner told him that he would be responsible for all repairs or a replacement if he damaged the door. So, Rick, Bill’s locksmith, recommended pdqSMART Cylindrical, a mobile-based Grade 1 Smart Lock, which installs using the same 161 prep that was already in the door.

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